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 Johnson Chen app

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PostSubject: Johnson Chen app   Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:02 pm

1. Your in-game username and i.d

Johnson Chen

2. Have you ever gone by any other names in-game or on the forum? If so, what were/are they?


3. What was the name of your previous alliances? Why did you decide to leave

Black Sun (Kicked for inactivity)

4. Do you know anyone in Black Sun?

Yes (Samlite, Mara Jade)

5. Do you have MSN/yahoo?


6. Roughly, how long have you played SGUWARS?

3 years

7. What made you decide to come to Black Sun?

Old Alliance (I'm now active)

8. Are you currently in any wars or vendettas or on any traitor lists?


9. Have you ever fought in a war before?


10. Would you be willing to participate in alliance growth programmes?


11. Are you willing to follow "orders" given by the HC, fight for/aid the alliance when needed, and be a contributing part of the team?

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Johnson Chen app
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